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Irvington  High School, home of the Blue Knights, is a four-year school serving approximately 1,400 students in 9th-12th grade .


Two community-based organizations, The Bridge, Inc. and SAVE of Essex County, have partnered with Irvington High School to create a Peer-to-Peer Leadership Group designed to engage teens as peer educators and community activists focused on educating and raising awareness to prevent sexual violence.


Through the peer-to-peer approach, the teens take the lead on designing and carrying out projects to prevent sexual violence in their school and community. The group meets biweekly and each meeting covers a different aspect of awareness and prevention, such as healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, consent, college campus sexual assault, human trafficking, and more. 

Also, a 10-week group called "My Life, My Choice" met to examine and address the topic of human trafficking prevention. And numerous guest speakers were brought in to speak to these groups and the general student body about trafficking, sexual assault, and teen dating violence. One-on-one conversations were offered to students to help clarify any questions and define the meaning of consent.

Irvington High School

The Peer-to-Peer Leadership Group helps Essex County Say NO MORE with powerful messages printed on

t-shirts hanging in the IHOP on Springfield Ave.

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